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Nameserver under domaincontrol.com

DomainControl.com is an NS (name server) owned by GoDaddy. If the nameserver is using nsXX.domaincontrol.com(XX refers to random numbers),they will need to update nameserver from GoDaddy portal.

How to check when will my domain expires ?

OPTION 1: 1) Login to your Gocloudeasy account 2) Click on “Domain” -> “Domain List” 3) The expiry will be shown for all the domains and the expiry dates. OPTION 2: Go to WHOIS website Enter your domain name. Click on the “refresh icon” Search for “Expire”

How to manage DNS from Shopify

You may wish to check on the link below to know how to manage / update DNS from your shopify dashboard. https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/domains/managing-domains/edit-dns-settings

How to change name servers

If your domain is hosted with us, you may wish to follow the steps below to change your nameservers. You may also wish to click here to know how to check your nameserver of your domain. 1) Login to your GoCloudEasy account2) Click on “Domain” -> “Domain List”3) Click on “View” on the right of …

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What is SGNIC domain?

Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) is the national Internet registry for Singapore. It administers the . sg top level domain. Below are some of the example: .sg .com.sg .net.sg .org.sg